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Yearbooks Commemorate Baseball History

Baseball yearbooks are like the yearbooks of any other team, group, or school: they commemorate special moments, record important facts and data, and become treasured memorabilia. Because baseball is such a popular, well-loved sport, there are many serious fans who strive to build great collections of baseball memorabilia as a testament to their love of and interest in the sport. Some people may be interested only in building collections of baseball yearbooks from the current year on, while other people may want to find yearbooks of years long past that have information about some of the legendary greats.

Collecting Baseball Yearbooks for Fun

Although different teams have kept some sort of record of their players and related information all throughout the history of the sport, baseball yearbooks as we know them have only been around since about the 1950s when nearly every team started producing recognizable "yearbooks." These yearbooks include pictures of every player, as well as important player facts, season statistics, team information, memorable stories, etc. Because pictures are an integral part of every yearbook, these keepsakes can truly give people an authentic glimpse into the life of a team in any particular year.

Just as people collect baseball cards or other memorabilia, these baseball yearbooks can be a great collector's item. There are different ways to get involved in collecting yearbooks, some more challenging and costly than others. Some people, thinking only about the fun involved in developing a collection and the legacy of passing that collection on to a child or grandchild, choose to start collecting baseball yearbooks in any given year and think only about the future books, not the ones from the past. Although this strategy will create a collection that has little value initially, over the years it will gradually increase in value and could eventually be worth a significant sum of money for future generations.

Another method of collecting baseball yearbooks involves the more challenging task of trying to obtain special yearbooks from the past. The earliest books from the 1950s are some of the most difficult to find, as well as the yearbooks for some of the historically great teams. Collecting all the available yearbooks for a particular team over its course of history can be a fun challenge that has its rewards in a truly valuable collection. If going year by year for a particular team does not appeal to you, create your own collecting agenda and search for the books for the years and teams that capture your attention. Whether others think your collection has value or not, your collection of baseball yearbooks will always have value to you because of the time and interest you put into it.

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