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Baseball Prospectus is exactly what any serious baseball fan needs to stay up-to-date with the latest baseball news. Most sports have magazines, websites and other sources of information that help fans keep up with the scene and the latest developments. Baseball Prospectus is a magazine dedicated to this goal: providing accurate and detailed information to interested subscribers. These kinds of magazines are important because they help people interested in the game of baseball maintain a connection with the sport as if they were actually involved in the current happenings.

Baseball Prospectus: Window Into Baseball World

Baseball Prospectus is a detailed baseball-themed online magazine that offers baseball fans a way to get all the information they need about their favorite teams, players, and everything else related to the game. Because Baseball Prospectus is an online magazine, the content can be updated more quickly and frequently so that subscribers can be assured that they are receiving the latest information. Another benefit of the online format of the magazine is that there are no space restrictions like in paper magazines. Everything that is pertinent to baseball can be included in this extensive magazine and organized in a searchable format that allows subscribers to find exactly what they need and want.

There are three options for or different types of Baseball Prospectus subscriptions: Premium, Fantasy, and Basic. The Premium Baseball Prospectus only costs $39.95 for a one-year subscription and gives subscribers access to everything offered. Between March 1st and October 31st, subscribers receive an email with a link to the website every day, but the subscription continues throughout the rest of the year, as well, as subscribers receive an email twice a week. Every time an email is received, new information has been added or updated to the magazine. The Basic Baseball Prospectus is the free version of the online magazine. Although the available services and information is much more limited, with the Basic service people can get stat reports and a selection of articles featured by Baseball Prospectus. The third type of Baseball Prospectus subscription available is specific to fantasy baseball leagues, providing fantasy league players with everything they need to keep up with the success of their fantasy teams and create winning teams.

Baseball Prospectus is an incredibly in-depth magazine that discusses nearly every aspect of the game. In addition to providing basic stat reports and information about how the season is progressing, this online magazine also features a wide variety of columns and articles that address specific aspects of the game that are of interest to serious fans. Baseball Prospectus also includes insightful analysis of the games, as well as Live Chats with some of the most important people involved with the magazine. As a Premium subscriber, the Fantasy subscription is included with the rest of the magazine, so subscribers have everything they need to be involved with the real world of baseball and the fantasy league.

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