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The Range of Baseball Books

Baseball is an incredibly popular game, even known as the American pastime, and for this reason baseball books are never in short supply. For players, devoted fans, and longtime lovers of the game, there are a variety of books on baseball that talk about every conceivable aspect. It is easy to find baseball manuals that give tips and advice on playing the game, such as ways to improve your swing and strategic playing considerations. If you love the game but are not a player, there are books on specific famous players, the history of the game, baseball cards, etc. If it deals with baseball, someone probably wrote a book about it sometime.

Recommended Baseball Books

If you are looking for some good reads, here are some suggestions for baseball books that can appeal to a wide range of readers. “Negro League Baseball” is a lengthy book by Paul Lanctot that describes the history of African-Americans and the game and the influence the development of the Major League had on black baseball leagues. “Baseballisimo” is another non-fiction baseball book by Dave Bidini. Based on his own experiences with baseball in Italy, this book describes baseball in another country, one that is not usually thought of as a baseball place.

For those looking for baseball books for young adults, “Team Player” by Gordon Korman is a fiction book that centers its message on teamwork in a baseball setting. “Who is Baseball’s Greatest Hitter?” by Jeff Kisseloff is a great book for that kid in your life who loves baseball but is not so interested in reading. Filled with fun facts, statistics, and stories about great players, this book can interest even the most dedicated non-reader. These suggestions are only a few of the endless number of possibilities out there, but hopefully they will help get you started or interested in a pursuit of great baseball books.

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