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Baseball Basics: Essential Equiptment

Baseball equiptment is an important part of the game, although it is an aspect many people overlook. Some sports, like running, for example, do not require any special equipment--shoes are the only necessary item. Other sports, however, require balls, protective gear, special equipment for competition and practice, etc. In many cases, the specific type of baseball equiptment does not matter a great deal--as long as you have something to work with. However, having the right equipment and having good quality equipment can have an impact and mean the difference between mediocre performance and winning competition.

The Importance of Baseball Equiptment

When many people think of baseball equiptment, they think only of what each individual player needs. Although these specific items are important to the success of playing a game, there is other team-related equipment that is necessary, as well. One of the first things that must be present in order to play baseball is a baseball field. Although it does not have to be exceptionally large or fancy, there does need to be a designated infield and outfield and something that marks the “out-of-the-park” line. For baseball games where fans will be present, stands are also essential.

Different positions require different kinds of baseball equiptment, so not every player will need the same things. Catchers are perhaps the players with the most specialized needs because they need a protective helmet with a grill to protect against fly balls and stray pitches, chest padding, leg guards, and a good catcher’s mitt. The other players on the team do not need such protective padding, but they will still require a good glove, a batter’s helmet when at the plate, a baseball hat to shield against the sun, and a good bat. The team or facility will need bases and balls.

There are many different brands of baseball equiptment and choosing which one to use is usually a matter of personal preference. Ball gloves are best when they are broken in, comfortable to the player, and properly sized. There is no “better” brand; it is merely a decision of what works for you. Bats are similar in this respect, too. Bats vary by length, weight and material and these are the most important aspects—not who makes the bat or how much it costs. Because baseball is such a popular American sport, baseball equiptment is sold everywhere. It can be found in sporting goods stores, other general stores like K-Mart or Target, and even online. Although some items can be quite expensive, it is possible to find good quality equipment without spending a ton of money.

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