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Stadiums Represent the Spirit of Baseball

Baseball stadiums are as much a part and symbol of the game as the players themselves or the equipment used. Baseball has long been recognized as the national pastime, and it is a popular sport that is loved and followed by many devoted fans. Over the years, baseball has continued to develop and grow in support, and although it is now much different physically than in years past, the essential spirit of the game remains the same. Whether it is the face of famous players, the sounds of the game, the smells of the traditional baseball foods, the baseball stadiums and stands or the general atmosphere, baseball has the ability to excite and captivate fans of all ages.

The Meaning of Baseball Stadiums

For many people, baseball stadiums represent only the physical locales of the game--nothing more. However, this limited perception of the importance of the baseball stadium is actually far from the truth. Baseball stadiums are where it all takes place. The action, the plays, the moments, the victories, the defeats--all take place in baseball stadiums. Baseball stadiums are where fans unite to cheer on favorite teams and where rival teams meet to compete to their fullest. Baseball stadiums represent the place where it all comes together--the intersection of hard work and entertainment, enjoyment and exertion, exhilaration and defeat. Someone always leaves a winner and someone always leaves a winner, but the stadium never leaves. It waits for a new day, a fresh chance, a waiting challenge.

History has been made on baseball stadiums across the country--and not just on the professionally maintained baseball fields of the major league. Baseball starts on those neighborhood fields, those corner lots, those backyards where kids gather to play their own serious games. As the stakes rise in the game and the players improve, so, too, do the baseball stadiums. From the rag-tag lots of the early years, we come to the famous stadiums that have a place in baseball history.

Many of the most famous baseball stadiums are well-known because of the games that have been won and lost there, the baseball history that has occurred on their fields. Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles is where records have been made that continue to stand. The Busch Stadium of the St. Louis Cardinals is famous because it is where the long-standing records of Ruth and Maris were shattered. Fenway Park of the Boston Red Sox is home to some of the most exciting, thrilling, and devasting moments in baseball history. The home of the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field, is noted for its architectural design and perfection as a baseball stadium. And one cannot forget Yankee Stadium of the New York Yankees, where so many amazingly great players have played and made history. Although these are only a few of the more notable and popular baseball stadiums, they serve as prime examples for what baseball and the stadiums represent to the fans of the game.

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