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Baseball: The American Pastime

Baseball is a great game, even known as the American pastime. It seems that everyone loves baseball—at least sometime in their lives. Kids love to play baseball in the middle of their neighborhood streets. Parents sign their children up for pee-wee baseball teams as soon as they can run and hold a bat. Boys and girls grow up playing this game, formally and informally, and this initial involvement often contributes to an adolescent and adult appreciation and love of the game. Small children and grown adults avidly collect valuable baseball cards focusing on their favorite players and wear baseball caps in support of their teams, and who does not love going to a baseball game in the middle of the summer, eating hot dogs and cheering the players on?

Baseball Is Accessible to All

Baseball has been called the American pastime and it probably stems in part from the reality that it is so accessible. Many expensive supplies are not necessary: all you need is a bat and a ball and little area of grass you can call a field. If you only have a few players, you can create makeshift teams and just enjoy the spirit of the game, while if you have enough people to build full 9-person teams you can have actual games. The game is not only an activity for children or adults, men or women. It is a game everyone can play and enjoy.

You can start when you are you young and work your way through the progression of “pee-wee” and “little league” teams, and as you mature play for your high school, college, and even minor league teams, all before reaching the ultimate goal—the major league. If fame and major league status is not what you are after, you can rest being only a fan of the game, following key players and teams or playing on low-key community teams. Regardless of who you are and where you stand in the baseball field or stadium, baseball is truly a game that excites the American passion and serves as the symbol of summertime fun.