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New Baseball Game Lets You Be a Mogul

Baseball Mogul is a great way to enjoy all the thrills of the game from home while you are the primary player controlling what happens. Video and computer games related to sports are very popular items because there are so many sports fans that are really dedicated to the game. Sports video and computer games allow players to really get inside the game and make key decisions or play the sport just like the pros. There can be intense competition between other players or players can compete against the computer to see if there skills can win the game.

Be a Manager with Baseball Mogul

Baseball Mogul is a baseball-themed game designed for use on PCs. It is now in its fifth edition, becoming better and more advanced each year. Unlike many other sports games, this one is more a game of wit and strategy than a game of quick reactions and actual simulation. Players of this game become the general manager of any team they choose and take on all the necessary responsibilities. They are responsible not only for building the team with the right combination of players but also managing the business aspects of the team, such as finances. This game allows players to really get a taste of the pressures faced by general managers because they must simultaneously worry about the success and winning ability of the team, the fans, the tickets, advertising and promotions, etc. As the general managers, a player will made trades, sign and release players, set ticket prices, make advertising deals with television stations, and make the game line-ups.

One of the great things about Baseball Mogul is that you can build your team any way you want and watch how things work out for indefinite periods of time. The computer controls how time progresses in this game, so you can watch the progression of your team over days, weeks, months, years, or even decades. It requires careful calculation and planning to ensure that your team has what it takes to last for more than a minute.

The system requirements for this game are an IBM PC Pentium 100 or better, as well as a Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP operating system. A CD-Rom is necessary, along with a mouse. The game needs 16 MB RAM and 160 MB free hard disk space to be able to run and a SVGA monitor with 256 colors that has a screen size of at least 800x600 pixels. If you meet these requirements, go find Baseball Mogul to experience the fun and excitement for yourself.

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